Safe Routes to School Mapping and Survey tool.

status Map
Schools utilizing the survey tool (including those collected by I-WALK)

The purpose of this tool is to help communities collect information about how children in their community get to and from school and to identify policies, cultural issues or environmental barriers that impact a child's ability to walk or bike to school.

The survey tool includes 4 sections.
   1. Parent Survey
   2. Drawing the routes used to get to/from school on a map
   3. Map the location of barriers and infrastructure opportunities
   4. Recruit volunteer to help with local SRTS efforts

A demo that follows the customized survey format utilized by the Iowa Department of Health's Iowans Walking Assessment Logistic Kit (I-WALK) program is provided to the left.

If you are interested in more information regarding how to conduct a survey in your school or community, please contact:
Christopher J. Seeger; GISP
Associate Professor, Iowa State University
146 College of Design
Ames, IA 50011-3094
Office: 515-509-0651
cjseeger at

This Web tool was developed by Iowa State University Extension to Communities and funded by the Iowa Department of Transportation Non-Infrastructure Safe Routes To School Grant - SRTS-C085(098)--2U-00.