School Transportation Survey: Demo

Welcome to the Demo!

The Mapping Safe Routes to School survey tool was developed by Iowa State University Extension and the Iowa Department of Transportation to help communities better understand how each child gets to and from school.

The survey you see below is a customized version that was developed for the Iowa Department of Health's Iowans Walking Assessment Logistic Kit (I-WALK) program.

There are four parts to this survey and it will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete.

  1. Multiple choice survey questions - (Parent/Guardian complete)
  2. Route mapping - (Parent/Guardian and child complete together)
  3. Barrier/opportunity mapping - (Parent/Guardian and child complete together)
  4. Volunteer opportunity

Questions marked with an * indicate questions that were derived from the National Center for Safe Routes to School Survey.

What school does your child currently attend?

Current grade of child? *

Does your school currently have an established Safe Routes to School Program?
      Not Sure

Do you live in the same town as the location of the school building your child attends?
      Yes, we live in the same town as my school
      No, our school is located in another community
      No, we live in the country

I wish to opt out of the survey.
(Opting out of the survey means your input will not be represented in the final Safe Routes to School (SRTS) recommendations and report)