Teacher Tally

teacher tally
Teacher tally form for use in the
classroom during the week can
later be uploaded to the web.

The Teacher Tally is a tool that can be used to help SRTS committees establish baseline data showing how students get to and from school each day.  When conducted in the spring and fall over the course of several years, the information provides the data needed to determine any change in walking or bicycling to and from school to help evaluate the effectiveness of any established SRTS programs. 

The tally is easy to implement. Teachers ask students how they got to and from school each day over the course of three consecutive days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). Student indicate their mode of transportation with a show of hands. This information is then recorded on a printed data sheet. Once the collection period is over, the information is transferred and submitted to a Web-based database for analysis.

Teachers participating in the tally may find that the data provides a great opportunity for the class to create charts or do other math skills.

Generic Paper Teacher Tally: .PDF form    (Story County 2012 version .pdf form)

Web Entry Form: tally web form         (Story County 2012 Web entry form)

Tally Results: (Story County 2012 results)